The Dark Scandal Of Florida Prisons: Forcing Inmates To Work For Pennies


Inmates in Florida’s prisons are forced to work for little or no pay, often in dangerous conditions. They are also required to purchase basic necessities, such as food and toiletries, from the prison commissary at exorbitant prices. This system is not only cruel and inhumane, but it is also a form of modern-day slavery.
The Florida Department of Corrections insists that the inmates are not slaves, but rather “volunteers” who choose to work in exchange for a few pennies an hour. However, the inmates are not given a choice – they are told that they must work or face disciplinary action.
This system is exploiting the most vulnerable members of society and is in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. It is time for this system to be reformed and for the inmates to be treated with dignity and respect.

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The Horrific Conditions of Florida Prisons: The conditions in Florida’s prison system are abysmal. Prisons are overcrowded and overcapacity, with inmates being forced to share cells or sleep on the floor of dayrooms. The toilets are filled with human waste and rats, and many cells don’t have working plumbing. There are also reports of abuse from corrections officers, and prisoners are often denied access to medical care and basic hygiene products. These horrific conditions are made worse by the fact that many inmates are being forced to work for barely anything. This has resulted in major financial losses for prisoners and their families, as well as emotional anguish. Inmates are required to buy food and other basic necessities from the prison commissary at exorbitant prices, leaving them with little to no money to send to their families. And with the minimum wage set at only pennies an hour, many inmates find themselves unable to make ends meet. This has created a cycle of poverty and despair for the inmates and their families, and it is an inhumane form of modern-day slavery.

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The Inhumane Treatment of the Inmates: The current Florida inmate system is akin to modern day slavery. The inmates are forced to work for little to no money, and are not given any real freedom or choice in the matter. The inmates are told that if they do not work, they risk disciplinary action and threats of solitary confinement. Furthermore, inmates are not given any sort of labor protection and are not allowed to unionize. This essentially makes it impossible for them to advocate for better working conditions or wages. The fact that inmates are not allowed to unionize is a direct violation of their human rights, as guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights. The inhumane working and living conditions also lead to higher levels of psychological distress. Prisoners are often subjected to long hours of unpaid labor, which leads to increased levels of stress, despondency, and depression. These inmates are essentially being robbed of their right to be treated with dignity and respect, simply because of the institutional environment that they’re in.

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Forcing Inmates to Work for Little to No Money: Inmates in Florida’s prisons are being forced to work for little to no money. The minimum wage set by the Florida Department of Corrections is only a few pennies an hour, and inmates are not allowed to unionize or advocate for better wages. Furthermore, inmates are not provided with any compensation for the work that they do, and the money they do make is often used to purchase basic necessities from the exorbitantly-priced prison commissary. The prison labor system is an exploitative one, and it is fundamentally unjust. Prisons are being used as a money-making venture, and inmates are being forced to pay for their own “room and board.” Furthermore, there is no incentive for inmates to work, as the pay is so low that there is no possibility of them ever earning enough to buy their freedom. This system is causing significant financial hardship for the inmates and their families.

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The Negative Impact this Has onDisplays more block tools Families: The financial hardship caused by the Florida prison system has had a devastating effect on the families of prisoners. Most prisoners can’t afford the essentials such as food, toiletries and other basic necessities, and rely on their families to send money. For most, this is not an option, as the families themselves live in poverty. This is a heartbreaking situation, as not only must families deal with the emotional impact of having a loved one in prison, but they also must deal with the financial hardship that is created by the system. This has resulted in increased levels of poverty, and children of inmates are at a higher risk of dropping out of school and entering into some form of crime. Furthermore, many prisoners are denied visitation privileges due to unpaid bills, which only increases the burden on their families. Families are left feeling helpless, desperate, and unable to do anything to help their loved one. The current system is a travesty, and has resulted in deep emotional and financial suffering for many families.

Section 6:

What Needs to be Done to Fix This Travesty? The Florida prison system needs to be reformed in order to end this form of modern-day slavery. The Florida Department of Corrections must put an end to the inhumane treatment of inmates, and they must be given access to basic amenities such as medical care and hygiene products.

Furthermore, the minimum wage must be increased significantly, so that inmates can start to make a living wage. The wages provided by the prison labor system should be enough to give inmates the ability to make ends meet and to support their families. Additionally, inmates should be given the right to unionize and to advocate for better wages and working conditions. This will help ensure that inmates are given the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Finally, it is key that families of inmates are given the necessary support, so that they are not subjected to emotional and financial hardship due to the inhumane prison system.


The Florida prison system is an inhumane one; inmates are made to work for little to no money, and they are provided with no labor protection. This exploitation of the vulnerable has resulted in increased levels of poverty and despair, both for inmates and their families. The Florida Department of Corrections must take immediate action to reform the prison system and make it a more just and humane one. It is time for the inmates to be treated with respect, and for families to be given the support that they need.

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