Mexico’s President Accuses American Government of Misrepresenting the Human Rights Situation in His Nation

Mexico’s head of state has accused the US of misrepresenting their nation’s human rights situation.

Manuel Velasquez - Anadolu Agency
Manuel Velasquez – Anadolu Agency

The Mexican capital of Mexico City is located in the southern part of the country. It is the most populous city within the country, and it is the financial, cultural, and governmental hub of the country. It is an important international city and has hosted several international events. The city is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as its modern day amenities.

On Tuesday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico made a statement in which he accused the US of being dishonest about the human rights abuses in his nation, citing the misdeeds of its northern neighbor.

At a press conference in the morning, Lopez Obrador strongly refused a yearly human rights report from the US State Department which cautioned of “noteworthy human rights matters” in Mexico.

The briefing stated that there were “authentic reports” of violations such as unlawful or arbitrary killings by the law enforcement and military, people vanishing due to government agents, and torture.

The chief executive labelled the report’s discoveries as “falsehoods” and clarified the procedures the US government is taking to detain journalist Julian Assange, disregarding the Wikileaks originator’s human rights whilst criticizing the US for its inability to terminate its fentanyl plight.

He stated that the claims were false and an example of politicking. According to him, it is in the nature of those in power not to want to alter the Monroe Doctrine or Manifest Destiny. As a result, they feel as though they are the global government and are only able to see the imperfections in others and not their own. Despite this, he suggested that it is not a cause for anger, but just the way they are.

Furthermore, Lopez Obrador highlighted a report by Seymour Hersh, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, that imputed the Biden administration of demolishing Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines to obstruct its gas supply.

He asked provocatively, “In regard to violent occurrences, why does a prize-winning reporter in America maintain that the US authorities interfered with the pipeline from Russia to Europe?”

Vedant Patel, a deputy spokesperson from the State Department, gave a response to the remarks of Lopez Obrador.

We have always been completely clear that we are not attempting to be perceived as the ruling power of the world, nor are we trying to enforce any kind of regulations.

He concluded by noting that in Mexico, the issue of members of the police, military and other government institutions taking part in major corrupt and unlawful acts of violence still stands as an issue of utmost importance, which is why it was specified in their report.


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